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These are so handy to have!

Such an easy and low cost / thoughtful gift add on. I bought a bunch for my team to include with their candles and they loved it!

In Love

The scents are delicious and you get to choose them!! I mean who does that !!??!! They burn so well - I can’t wait to get the big sizes!! This would a lovely hostess gift but also nice to keep for yourself. They arrive with their own matches AND - with seeds to plant in the vessels when the candles are done! Ugh. Love that.

Lovely scent, great packaging

I tried out the online quiz and purchased the recommendation - no regrets! Absolutely beautiful packaging and scent. Would be overjoyed to receive this as a gift.

Such a great gift!

A monthly treat

I have been spoiled for life on all other candles since I discovered Lohn. I've been buying Lohn candles almost since they first launched, and I have yet to find a scent I don't love and they burn perfectly every time. So the subscription was a no-brainer for me, and I love the thoughtful personal touches and sneak peeks. My apartment is littered with repurposed Lohn candle holders (they hold my toiletries! they hold dried flowers! they are the perfect size for a cocktail!). I'm a Lohn superfan!

Loving my subscription!

I’m already a big fan of lohn but I have to say I’m loving my monthly subscription. Not only do you get an amazing scent but there’s always a little surprise as well! Cannot wait for next month’s!

Amazing smelling candles, highly recommend!

LOHN's candles are amazing! Kat & Vic are wizards with their scent layering. In my trio, I got Lato, Jura and Erde and absolutely love all of them, especially LATO! If you love citrus and floral candles that are refreshing for your space - these candles are it! I picked these scents using their scent quiz which was incredibly accurate. Buying more now!


I like them a lot.

Amazing customer service!!

Love the scents - they smell very natural and well blended. Great assortment of seasonal scents so can't wait to burn year round!

Great little stone!

Works really well! I keep it on my night table and add about 5 drops of a fave diffuser blend before bed. Nice and simple!

My Favourite Subscription!

I love celebrating the beginning of every new month by receiving my new candle in the mail! Every scent that I have received so far smells so beautiful, and it's always so fun to see what sneak peak or founders favourite item is going to come with it! I'm definitely going to be renewing my subscription once my current one ends.

New favourite!!!

I love this little guy- it is the perfect teeny accompaniment to a bigger diffuser and helps to carry subtle fragrance through every room.

Warm, calming, and unique

Jal is definitely a favourite of mine. It’s a warm, calming scent that isn’t overpowering. I love burning it at night while reading or doing puzzles. The scent makes me happy and relaxed. I’m planning to order another.

Something to look forward to

I decided to try a 3 month subscription because the upcoming subscription scents (which were listed on the website) were ones I wanted to buy anyway.The scents were great, as is most Lohn scents. Since they also throw something extra in each subscription box, my second box had a preview of tea lights in their new spring scents so I was able top try them before the spring collection launched. I'm currently looking forward to my April box.

Great Little Samples

Exactly what we needed to test a few out to see what goes with our home’s rooms.


Easily my most favoured candle. She’s a new scent for me but I love how light and delicious it is. Would recommend as an all year fragrance - pairs really well with the new spring collection from LOHN!

Finally, the monthly subscription

A monthly subscription is a good option for those who want to enjoy the excellent scent at home and wish to light a candle for their mood or weather. I enjoy every single candle they produce. The candles have good quality also promise customer service.

My comfort scent

If I had to name my comfort scent it would be Erde. It smells so much like Commodity's Book perfume. In fact, I have a Commodity Book candle and the scent is so similar. Sadly Commodity went out of business a few years ago and I can't buy Book perfume anymore so I'm really happy I have Erde in my life.

My favourite

Black spruce is one of my favourite essential oils so I knew I would love this one. I don't find it too christmasy at all...more like being outside in nature. I appreciate that this one is scented with 100% pure essential oils and nothing synthetic. It's scent isn't too strong which makes it great for when I workout and don't want something that feels too suffocating when breathing heavy. I also really love the white ceramic vessels of the Forage collection.

I never thought a little stone would be such a great diffuser

But it is! Perfect for small, individual spaces. I use it for my home office space and it keeps the environment fresh and energized. Love it. Totally recommend it.

Great way to discover your favourites!

I really enjoyed the discovery set! After sampling them I ended up ordering a full size Jal, which is my favourite but closely followed by Feu and Illa! The discovery set is a great way to explore the different scents, and free shipping is a bonus!

Fun surprise!

Lovely way to treat yourself. I enjoyed the product sneak peak as much as the full size Erde candle.

So much fun getting a monthly candle surprise and other goodies

I gave the candle to my daughter in law and she loves it. I can’t wait for my next order it’s so much fun.

A wonderful self care treat

Do it. You won’t regret it. These scents are so beautifully blended. I am really happy that I found this brand!

ESEN - Basil & Mint
Victoria H.

I had seen on Reddit that this is the dupe for Cire Trudon’s abd el kader and it fit the bill at less than half the price. Fast shipping also!