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All time fav candle - nothing like it on the market.

My favorite of the mists !! lasts for hours. Perfect for when you want to burn a candle but don't have time :)

The best!! Unique and layered scent that lasts for hours. Perfect for when you want to burn a candle but don't have time :)

Sublime scent!

If you spray it near your furnace intake, your whole home will smell divine!

Amazing Gift Idea!

My family and I loved the scents in this kit! It is a lot of fun to try out the different candles. What an innovative small business idea!!! Fast shipping and enjoyable experience. It's like gifting a product AND an experience. Now I will buy the full version of the one we liked most!

Love the smells

I gave these candles as Christmas gifts and everyone loved them / the scents. It also came a day after I ordered - Will be coming back again!

Perfect clean scent

I am so particular about scent, this has exceeded my expectations for linens and as a personal fragrance!

Lasted the whole holiday season!

Loved this scent, perfect pine for the holidays and the mega size lasted the full holiday season. Highly recommend! Will buy again next season and keep in mind as a great hostess gift.

Judith M.

the matches are great! Work perfectly!
Very pretty match box!

Room spray for the win!

I’m really scent sensitive but this room spray has been a win in our house for masking lingering hockey odours without all the sneezing and reaction. The scent is so lovely! Will be purchasing again and again.

Spicy comfort

I normally don’t enjoy candles with orange scents, but this one is a pleasant surprise. It’s comforting, warm, and truly evokes the senses. I hope this scent comes back next year, as I will be sure to purchase it again.

These matches are a thoughtful touch

I find that these matches are experience-enhancing, adding tactility and sort of a ritualistic aspect to lighting my candles. Highly recommend!

5 stars!

This was EXACTLY what I was looking for! The scent is woody, but with a little edge. The scent lingers. Love to use it as a fabric spray. I can smell it on my couch for days.

It’s a keeper

Love the vessel, love the scent, love the size. It’s a hard yes all day.

One of my two faves

This is my top two scents (the other is Erde). Is so beautiful and comforting. Please make it in an oil!

Zima is my all-time fav

I've been a Lohn customer since the beginning and this is still my absolute favourite scent. I've never smelled anything like it. Bonus, the mini size makes great shot glasses after!

ERDE - Amber & Vetiver

Love it

Love it

The name lives up to the scent.

I’m a woody scent lover, especially for the fall and winter seasons, so this bundle has me lighting those matches all the time. They truly are three unique scents that I really enjoy.

DYM is my fave because I love that woody campfire scent. It’s so quintessentially winter. A must in any wood-lovers home!

Dave H.
What a way to strike up some fun!

What better than blue-tipped matches? These little babies worked like a charm.


Cute but I wish they were longer.

Jura is a must!!! I stocked up on this during the sale and will continue to do so. This is officially my home scent.

I wish LoHN continues with this scent throughout all seasons. This is my favorite along with Jura thus far.

Made a lovely gift

I love the Jura everywhere mist, I spray it everywhere in my home.