Not sure which scents you'll love? Try our sampler set! Choose 4 candles and 2 perfume oils to test out at home :)

Dym - Spruce & Woodsmoke
Erde - Amber & Vetiver
Esen - Basil & Mint
Feu - Cardamom & Coconut
Illa - Cinnamon & Clove 
Jal - Saffron & Vanilla
Jaro - Mandarin & Petitgrain
Jura - Orange & Sandalwood
Lato - Lemon & Tonka Bean
Oro - Jasmine & Pink Pepper
Vara - Geranium & Tobacco
Zima - Bergamot & Black Tea 

Only burn your sample candles on a level, heat-stable table (avoid plastic, wood, tin or tablecloths), away from drafts. Do not burn for more than 1-2 hours at a time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
the. best.

I bought the sample set tealights (two sets actually) to try them all out and choose one to buy regular size. Obviously an important decision. But it's been way harder than I thought. They're all wonderful. Each unique and beautiful in a different way. Great that its Canadian too.

Awesome product!

I loved receiving your samples. It is a wonderful way of trying out the different scents. I’m hooked on orange and sandalwood as perfume and love the scents of basil and mint, bergamot and black tea, jasmine and pink pepper. I love the scent of amber and vetiver. You definitely have a good quality product! I will be ordering more for sure!
Thank you so much. Fjola

The best way to find your scent!

Loved this mini set! I ordered this so I could try a few different scents and find which I like best for my full size candles. Obviously I loved them all, but it was a great way to help me choose. All the fragrances are so unique and incredible, I highly recommend experiencing as many as you can!


I get really bad sinus allergies to most scents but these candles & oils are lovely and haven’t irritated me. It’s so nice to be able to use scented candles finally :’) and the zima perfumed oil is my favourite!


This is suck a luxurious little baggie of gifts. The candle scents are complex and very pleasant. The mini perfume oils are simply precious. The oils themselves are light and subtle, and I am also inexplicably excited about the tiny roller bottles, which are actually made from glass and have metal roller balls, and I wish I could have all my perfumes in these now.

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