SCENT PEBBLE - Essential Oil Diffuser
SCENT PEBBLE - Essential Oil Diffuser


Essential Oil Diffuser
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A diffuser for your space, and yourself.

Take our scent pebble on every journey. Hand-formed and made with bisque fired stoneware, this pebble gently scents your personal space.

Add 5-15 drops of your favourite essential oil blend to the pebble and place it by your bed, at your desk, or where you need it most. Add more drops as needed to renew the scent.

To use with different essential oils, wash the pebble with soap and water and let it air dry before adding oils.

Handcrafted in Toronto, Canada.

Customer Reviews

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Patricia S.
Bedside soothing

Love my pebble giving off lovely lavender scent as I slip into dreamland

Katrina +.S.
Clever, Practical and Effective

This may look like a tiny simple something - but WOWIE! I own many diffusers and the LOHN Pebble blew my mind. We first encountered while staying at ONE KING WEST Hotel (Toronto.) It was part of a gift set. Following the directions, several drops of NORD essential oil were applied. The atmosphere in the hotel from changed from a clean, neutral one to a fresh, forest-y, fragrance filled haven of relaxation. Fragrance greatly impacts my well-being and I use it to manage my moods. BEST thing about the PEBBLE is that it's 100% safe, needs no electricity or water and just keeps on being useful. Great in the world of synthetic chemicals and disposable plastics!
Thank you to the LOHN folks for this fabulous little powerhouse!

Melissa C.
Love it more than I thought I would

I was skeptical that the little stone would make any difference but I loved the idea and always forget to refill other diffusers so thought it was worth a try. And I love it and I've had several people compliment me on it It's subtle and easy to use, I'll soon be ordering more.

Worthwhile purchase

I really enjoy using the scent pebble beside my bed with a few drops of relaxing essential oil before I go to sleep. It provides a subtle scent that is perfect for sleep, where a diffuser I found to be too much.

So cute, tiny, convenient & powerful

It literally is a pebble and much to my surprise, a few drops can really fill your whole room to the perfect level of scent. I am preferring it over a diffuser lately, love that I can move it easily around the home (likely ordering another one) and has the perfect level of scent that does last a few hours and isn't overpowering. The pebble gives me calm vibes too, love that.