Creative Community Issue #8: Hosting with Tiana Victoria

Creative Community Issue #8: Hosting with Tiana Victoria

For our last Creative Community issue of the year, we chatted with one of our most inspiring collaborators, Tiana Victoria, about all things hosting. In the Q&A, she shares her tips on mixing friend groups, a playlist approved by music industry vets, and her go-to cocktail & mocktail recipes. Whether you're a guest or a host this season, you won't want to miss this one. 

LOHN: Let's start with hosting must-haves — what are yours?

TIANA: It always starts with a good playlist. A lot of my guests have been people I met while working in the music industry, and others are creative friends who all feel very strongly about music.

Next on the agenda is food, which goes hand in hand with the tablescape. Fresh flowers and a bevy of candles surrounding some form of a charcuterie board are a must. Arranging flowers before guests arrive also helps ease any pre-party anxiety on my end.

After that, I’d prioritize some kind of game (especially when mixing friend groups).

Then, an assortment of devices to capture the moments. I’ll usually have my old digital cameras or film cameras up for grabs so my guests can document the night and have new Instagram material.


LOHN: What's your favourite drink to make for guests?

TIANA: A St.Germain Spritz! It’s easy and pairs well with practically anything. Chilled Prosecco, St.Germain Elderflower Liqueur, Club Soda and some edible flowers to garnish. I also really love Gldn Hour drinks as a non-alcoholic alternative. Their strawberry mint flavour over crushed iced and a lime wedge never misses. 


LOHN: What's on the playlist?

TIANA: Neo-Soul, Jazzy R&B, and a bunch of throwbacks. Listen for yourself. 


LOHN: What's on the menu?

TIANA: It really varies on the crowd and quantity of people coming over. When it’s a more intimate gathering I’ll try to curate something that appeals to their individual taste. It’s fun getting to experiment and do something more creative with the plating when I’m only prepping two or three dishes. For larger groups, you can never really go wrong with hummus and dips, burrata and prosciutto, salsas and chips, and olives galore. No matter what I initially serve, 9/10 nights end up with us ordering a massive pizza from King Slice or Blondies. 

LOHN: What's burning?

TIANA: I love to place my diffuser by the entryway (ESTE Oil) about an hour before the guests arrive so the scent can really linger and people are embraced by the aroma upon entrance. SUN & SURF from the Resort collection were pillars during summer gatherings. Nowadays I’m reaching for OEST and ESTE (and I’ll have an array of tapered candles lit for the ambience and height).



Thank you to Tiana for sharing imagery and hosting tips! You can find her on Instagram here for more inspiration. 

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