How We’re Showing Up for Ourselves in 2023

How We’re Showing Up for Ourselves in 2023

As you may have seen on our Instagram, we’re not sold on the whole new-year-new-me thing. Why push the need to change yourself, especially overnight? 

Instead, we’ve taken the fresh start as an invitation to remind ourselves of the things we love doing and ways to be more intentional about them in the coming season.

Winter can be tough for a lot of us in the Northern Hemisphere, but here are some ways that we’re getting through it creatively. We asked our community to make some suggestions and then compiled it below. 👇

Get Inspired

Inspiration for our work comes from everywhere, so it’s important that we take the time to seek it out. Here are a few ways we’re trying:

  • In the morning, start off slow. To set the tone for a creative day, we’ll be lighting a candle and reading for a bit before screen time. Also, we're giving ourselves permission to stop reading books we're not enjoying. Life's too short!
  • At night, with a cocktail (or mocktail for those observing dry January) we’ll be listening to new music paired with a scent to make the memory stick.


The best ideas tend to happen when we're not sitting in front of a screen, which is why it's so important to step away once in a while.

  • The Norwegian saying goes “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” — if you can’t fight the elements, embrace them! We’ll be bundling up and breaking up the darker days with a little movement (and sunshine) at lunch. If you need a little extra motivation, grab a friend and walk together. Apparently, it’s just as good for your brain as a puzzle.
  • Snowstorm outside? Opt for some movement indoors with some yoga or 

Try Something New

You never know where inspiration will strike or what learning something new will actually teach you.

  • Just try. Whether it’s learning to draw, play chess, or finally bake bread, just give it a go. Eventide it with some mood lighting and a good album, and nurture your inner creative.
  • We're reminding ourselves to take our rest as seriously as our hustle - and rest doesn't have to just mean sleep at the end of the day! It can also be a medi☺️tative knitting session or learning how to play spades with friends. We can't do what we do without stepping away and nurturing other areas of our lives.

We'd love to know how you're showing up for yourself in 2023! Drop us a note in the comments to inspire the LOHN community.

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