Hosting Tips for the Holidays

Hosting Tips for the Holidays

Hosting this season? We rounded up 5 of our favourite tips for a memorable event.

1. Dim the lights

There’s no fighting the shorter days and darker skies, so embracing it is your best bet. Take note from our Scandi friends and swap out overhead lighting for a low glow. Turn on a couple reading lamps for good measure and let candles do the rest. 

2. Scent the night

Scent can go a long way in setting the right mood for your eventit has genuine transportive powers! We created scents designed to evoke a time, a place, a journey. It's up to you to pick which adventure you're taking your guests on.

Want something fresh and energizing? Choose candles with citrus notes.

Looking for something to mellow the mood? Opt for something woody.

For an extra festive feel, go for a spicy scent.

3. Layer up

We recommend blowing out candles after three hours, but that doesn't mean you have to kill the vibelight another and layer the scents! When it comes to layering, remember that opposites attract.

Try quieting the freshness of a floral scent with more herbal as the night goes on or spicing a sweet evening up with, well, spice

4. Hop on the aux

Pick music that won’t dominate the night but that sets the tone you want—whether that’s old holiday tunes for a wholesome feel or a long, mellow playlist for that dinner party that has your friends chatting around the table long after you’ve eaten. Some of our favourites? Turn on this playlist for cocktail hour and then queue this one up for dinner. 

5. Add entertainment

Whether it’s a deck of cards, a bowl to fill with charades, or place cards with prompts to lead to riveting table talk, it's fun to add an extra element to tie into the evening.  

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