Creative Community Issue #1: At Home with Ruby Benson

Creative Community Issue #1: At Home with Ruby Benson

This year, we want to shine a light on the community that inspires us.

Once a month, we'll be sharing a Q&A with one of our favourite creatives and chatting about their rituals, spaces, and more. First up is Ruby Benson, a Toronto-based multi-hyphenate whose services include content creation, photography, creative direction/production/consulting, as well as casting and styling.

LOHN: Tell us about your space! 

RUBY BENSON: After over a year and a half of looking, I finally found my dream home - a mid century modern bungalow built in the 50's located just outside the city. Most of the house is in its original state (although an extension was put on in the 80's) which I absolutely love. I've always been drawn to traditional MCM style homes, but living in Ontario that style is more difficult to come across. On most days I work from home (primarily emails/admin) or I'm on location for a shoot/production and about 1-2x a week I'm in the city for meetings.

LOHN: How did you go about decorating?

RB: We moved into our home at the end of June 2022 and I'm still not done decorating! It's definitely a process and my creative vision for the space has changed a couple times. I'm currently working on our bedroom, putting finishing touches on our dining room and swapping some things out in the living room. My biggest inspiration when it comes to my home/design is Luis Barragán - I love his use of wood, light and pops of colour. 


SUR in Ruby's bathroom

LOHN: In your opinion, what makes a house a home?

RB: A home is a feeling rather than a place - somewhere that makes you feel safe. As much as I love our house, my true home is wherever my partner, cat and dog are.

LOHN: Are there any special rituals you love incorporating into your space? 

RB: My partner and I have been really taking advantage of the wood burning fireplace in the living room this winter. We're both kind of homebodies, so we love curling up on the couch watching movies with a good fire. 

I also always like to make sure the house smells nice when we're entertaining - my favourite scents are musky/woodsy scents. I love that LOHN's candles are made with 100% pure essential oils and coconut/soy wax.


LOHN: If you could go back and give younger Ruby advice (could be about design or creativity) what would say?

RB: Be kind, trust the process, and don't get discouraged.

LOHN: Last but not least - what's your favourite LOHN product?

RB: My current favourite is my SUR candle!

Massive thank you to Ruby for allowing us to share her images & taking the time to answer our questions! You can find her on her website, Instagram, and TikTok

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