Creative Community Issue #3: Creating Home Away from Home with Artist Jules Monson

Creative Community Issue #3: Creating Home Away from Home with Artist Jules Monson

Once a month, we highlight a creative in our community who never fails to inspire us. We recently caught up with artist Jules Monson (you may know her work from our holiday packaging!) who is currently living and working from Mexico. Scroll on to read more about what inspires her, how she creates a home away from home, and healing with scent.


LOHN: Tell us about where you're working right now! (& maybe a bit how your work/creative set up works while abroad)
JM: Right now I am focusing on my solo show at Crybaby Gallery Toronto in May! I have rented a small studio space in the jungle in Tulum and plan on making tons of illustrations / paintings based off of my experience here for the next 8 weeks.
LOHN: How do you go about feeling at home while abroad? Any rituals (i.e. lighting candles in the bath/low lights in the eve/whatever)
JM: I’ve gotten very good at creating “home away from home”. I actually brought a Lohn holiday candle (pomander) with me because it was the first time I was spending Christmas NOT in Canada and I feared maybe that I would hit a depressive episode but I didn’t! Fresh flowers are also a must - during the pandemic I made a point to always grab some at the grocery store or corner market. Here in Mexico I have been fortunate to get fresh flowers in abundance - sometimes I even pick wild ones! 
LOHN: As an artist, where do you draw inspiration from?
JM: Lately all of my artwork has been personal. I draw inspiration from what is currently happening in my life, and A LOT of changes have happened to me in a very short amount of time. The inspiration comes from what I observe as well. In my new environment full of lively music, loud birds, the Spanish language and bright colour I am not short on the flow of inspiration. 
LOHN: How does scent impact or influence your work?
JM: We all know how intense our sense of smell is connected to memory. I am grateful to have had a candle scent that reminded me of my apartment during the holidays so I could deal with the heavy emotions that came along with no longer being at “home”. While moving I found an old sample of a perfume I used to wear and I was transported back to a time where all my problems that seemed so large have somehow melted away now and no longer concern me. All these memories are important when I go to draw at my desk late at night. Time is the best healing method, and what a better way to experience this through scent. 
LOHN: If you could go back in time and give younger Julia advice (it could be about creativity or anything else) - what would you say?
LOHN: What's your favourite LOHN product?
JM: I already mentioned Pomander but I would have to say the room spray “ERDE” is my favourite! It always feels like a luxury to spray my pillows or I throw a few sprays on my sweaters too lol! 
Thank you to Jules for taking the time to answer our questions! To follow her adventures, you can find her on Instagram & on her website.

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