Beyond the Box with Zoë from Zero Soap Co.

Beyond the Box with Zoë from Zero Soap Co.

Beyond the Box

LOHN’s Candle Club subscription service is a monthly delivery of your favourite scents right to your doorstep. Candle Club does more than just help you explore fragrances. It allows you to discover and support other small businesses through our Founder Favourites.

Beyond the Box is a series that introduces you to the talented creators behind the products we feature. Through this series, you'll meet the founders themselves and learn firsthand what makes their products so special. It’s a chance to connect with the stories and craftsmanship behind every unique product we love.

Candle Club brings your more than just new scents; it delivers an experience of scent, discovery, and community.

Introducing Zoë- Zero Soap Co. 

This month, we chatted with Zoë, founder of Zero Soap Co. She graciously welcomed us into her Toronto studio to take a peek behind the scenes at the work that goes into creating her handmade soap bars. A bar of Zoë’s soap will be included in each Candle Club subscription box this month. Read on to hear more about Zoë.

I am—

Creative and optimistic. 

I make—

Simple but luxurious soaps. I ensure that my ingredients are straightforward and easy to read, no surprises here! I believe handmade soaps are far superior to traditional soaps, which is why I often describe my products as an everyday luxury. They provide a low waste alternative to everyday products. 

I'm inspired by—

The women in my life and female founders in general. 

The scent of cedarwood always reminds me of—

My cottage. I love woody and earthy scents. I believe they are the most grounding fragrances. Vetiver is also a favourite scent of mine. It reminds me of a family friend who helped me create my own fragrance and gave me some of my first aromatherapy books. I still use them to this day to inform and inspire me when I’m creating scents for my products.

I light candles to—

Ground myself and relax at home. They help me settle into my home environment and end my day. 

My feel-good fragrance is— 

ERDE. This is a go-to LOHN scent for me. I always gravitate toward woody scents. 

I'm currently obsessing over—

Experimenting with new products and formats. Particularly, my lotion bars new custom molds.

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