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Our Story

The makers of Lohn connected after years of experience working for two of the largest global cosmetics companies. Their shared obsession for scent and packaging design, together with their industry insight, sparked their journey to create a botanically-based and non-toxic candle in Toronto Ontario Canada.


Inspired by their native homelands of Poland and Lithuania, and an ancient trade route known as The Amber Road that crossed these two countries, the idea for their first candle collection was born.


Imagining the elements along the Amber Road they began to design the fragrance and packaging to capture the scent of the Baltic Sea, the Bialowieza Forest, the Tatra Mountains and the fields of Lithuanian Rue. The transformative and high quality scents were developed alongside master perfumers.


As true engineers, they tested countless fragrance/wax/wick combinations and explored every packaging material out there to finally craft these non-toxic candles to be of the highest quality, worthy of your living space and your own personal journey.




Lohn candles are handcrafted with botanically-based fragrances, an organic coconut and soy wax blend, and a non-toxic cotton core wick. They are paraben free, petroleum free, phthalate free, and lead free.


The candles are packaged in a recyclable glass and carton that is sealed with a risograph printed label using soy-based inks. 


Each Lohn candle is handmade in Toronto Ontario.


Lohn supports local Canadian businesses.