In the ancient world, trade routes developed in part around the pursuit
of perfume ingredients and materials like amber, tea and spices.

Taking inspiration from these ancient roads, we create
scents designed to take your mind on a journey.

In ancient times, glowing amber was washed ashore by the Baltic Sea. Gathered by mesmerized beachcombers, it travelled through the Bialowieza forest, across the Tatra Mountains, and over fields of Lithuanian rue.

This collection is inspired by the stops along that historic route, with each scent in the collection featuring base notes of warm woodsy amber.


Centuries ago, tea leaves and spices were harvested by hand in Yunnan Province, then carried on horseback across lush valleys and up through the Himalayas to be traded in the markets of Kathmandu.

This collection pays homage to the legendary Tea Horse Road, with each scent capturing a different variety of tea.


A winding route once travelled on horse and camelback, the Spice Road saw fragrant colourful spices and aromatics travel from Indonesia to Europe by way of India, Africa, and The Middle East.

This collection is a tribute to the myriad fragrances from those journeys, with each scent featuring a unique blend of spice notes.


From boreal forests to flowering coastlines to rippling grasslands, North America is home to a rich abundance of flora.

The Forage collection honours Mother Nature by using 100% pure essential oils. Drawn from fruit, rinds, bark, stems, leaves, herbs, and petals, the oils are distilled to their purest essence to take your senses on a coast-to-coast journey.