/lo:n/ from Estonian
meaning Scent (n.)

LOHN was founded and created in Toronto in 2018, and launched with four candles, hand poured and made with clean scents, coconut and soy wax, and recyclable packaging. Taking inspiration from the road less travelled, LOHN creates scents designed to transport you to another time and place.

Scent is part of your personal journey. When you light a candle, or apply perfume to your skin, the scent is what you remember. That’s what Kat & Vic wanted to create, scents that you’ll remember and take with you on your journey.


The story goes like this. Kat & Vic grew up in Toronto, went to the same high school and then took off to university where they both graduated with degrees in chemical engineering.

It was pretty clear that they weren’t going to work in the typical engineering field when Vic started working in cosmetic product development and Kat jetted off to Versailles, France to study perfumery. They kept tabs on each other throughout their years of working for companies like L’Oreal and Estee Lauder and finally connected in 2016 with the idea to start their own thing.


A shared obsession with scent and its nostalgic powers sparked the start of their journey. From the very beginning they knew what they wanted to create. Clean, complex scents, designed to transport you to another time and place.

LOHN (we pronounce it lawn - but you do you!) means 'scent' in Estonian and it also means ‘reward’ in Old High German.

Kat is Estonian & Lithuanian, and Vic is Polish. They looked to their European heritages for a common thread and found an ancient road called the amber road that crossed the countries of Estonia, Lithuania and Poland. This is where the idea to design their scent collections came from.


LOHN scents are inspired by journeys and are designed to transport you to another time and place. In the ancient world, trade routes developed in part around the pursuit of perfume ingredients and materials like amber, tea and spices.

Having never travelled these roads, we imagined the scents of the mountains, seas, forests and fields along the journey.

Our scents were designed to remind you of moments in time. That’s what we’ve created. Scents that you remember and keep with you on your journey.


Our first collection, the Amber Road, is inspired by the scents along the journey from the Baltic Sea to the Adriatic. The road was used to transport amber from northern to southern Europe.


Our second collection, the Tea Road, has scents infused with exotic herbs and spices. From its ancient origins in Yunnan, China, tea was carried across the Himalayas to Nepal.