Ways to Reuse Your Empty Candle Glasses

Do you have a bunch of candle glasses left over after they’re finished burning with no idea what to do with them? We have you covered! We designed our products to be easily recyclable and reusable. We put together a list of some of our favourite ways to reuse our candle glasses - both the 7.5 ounce and 3 ounce!

First, start by using a spoon or something similar to pry out the wick. Then, wipe out the wax and use soap and water to wash the glass. There you go! A glass that’s fit to use for practically anything! Now, on to our list:

1. A beverage glass

Our 7.5 ounce glasses are the perfect size to be used for glasses of water or even cocktails! The sleek and classic design is suitable for really any type of drink and adds such a chic look to your bar cart or kitchen cabinet!

2. For your desk supplies

We all have loose pens and pencils lying around our desk, and sometimes it can get distracting. Luckily, our empty candle glasses are the perfect size to hold them! The different colours and the cool design of the map on the back also adds a little bit of fun decor to your space.

3. In your bathroom

Dress up your counter space a bit with empty candle glasses. There are so many ways that our 7.5 ounce glasses and 3 ounce glasses can be used. For starters, you can use the 7.5 ounce glasses to hold your makeup brushes or hair accessories like scrunchies and clips. The 3 ounce glasses are the perfect size to hold a makeup sponge so it's not floating around in the bottom of your makeup bag. You can also use these mini glasses for things like q-tips or cotton rounds. The options are really endless here!

4. As decor

As mentioned earlier, the colours and map designs can add a pop of subtle decor to any space. A favourite idea is to place flower buds in them to create a mini flower arrangement! A quick styling tip: pull out your favourite coffee table book and layer it with the candle glass for some colourful dimension!

5. In your kitchen

Spice up your kitchen decor! Both sizes make the perfect place to store candy or any other grab and go snack! Plus, doing it this way is far more aesthetically pleasing than some other plastic containers or storage systems.

These are just some of our favourite ways to reuse the candle glasses, though the list can go on for miles. We encourage everyone to reuse their glasses and recycle all other packaging! Let us know if you have any other ideas of how we can incorporate empty candle glasses in our everyday lives!


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