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If you’re reading this post, then you’re probably aware that we just launched our new Spice Road collection. Let’s get you familiarized with our inspiration for the collection and these four new scents!


The Spice Road is an ancient trade passage connecting Indonesia and Europe, by way of India, Africa, and the Middle East. The journey begins centuries ago, dating almost all the way back to the beginning of history. In hopes of finding things more valuable than precious gems, traders set out on their travels and came across spices! The four candles in this collection are inspired by these new findings...


When brainstorming for this collection, we really wanted to create something that would be perfect for the fall season, and we’ve always been fascinated by the Spice Route beginnings. We love taking you on a journey, especially during a time when it’s not possible to travel and explore the world.

First is Dym, which is Slovak for Smoke. Inspired by a campfire in Autumn, Dym is a blend of spruce, woodsmoke, and amyris. This scent is best suited for cozying up by the fireplace in your living room! We know that a lot of people love tobacco or cigar room smells, so if this is you, then you’re going to love Dym!

The next candle in this collection in Jal, meaning water in Bengali. If you’re a vanilla lover, then Jal will soon be your new favourite candle. This warm and cozy scent is perfect for your bedroom, either waking you up in the morning, or calming you down before you sleep. With other scent notes such as clove and saffron, this vanilla warm blend has a sensual intensity that will transport you to another place. 

Third is Illa. The word “Illa” is derived from Catalan, meaning Island. This candle is inspired by chai blends, using the scents of the spices of cinnamon, cardamom, and clove. This candle embodies the meaning of comfort. So when we recommend that you put this candle in the kitchen, hopefully the mixture of spice and comfort will translate into your cooking!

Finally is Vara, our most floral blend out of the four. Vara is Marathi, and means wind. This is an earthy floral blend, perfect for brightening up any space this winter. We juxtaposed the scents of geranium and tobacco to create a candle that virtually anyone will like (we hope!).

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