The Right Way to Burn Candles: 7 Tips on Candle Safety

Candles are the key to elevating any space. That being said, there are definitely right ways and wrong ways to burn them. Here are some easy tips to make sure that your candle burning experience is the safest it can be! Ensuring that you practice these tips prolongs the life of your candle too :)

1. Trim the wick to ¼” each time before burning. Not only will this lessen the amount of smoke and debris produced during the burning process, it also allows the flame to have a clearer, brighter, burn!

2. Make sure the candle is burning on a stable, heat-safe surface, away from anything flammable like blankets, curtains, or paper.

3. Keep your candle in sight and never unattended, away from children or pets.

4. While burning, avoid areas that are near a vent or a draft of some sort. Not only does this prevent the flame from blowing all over the place and potentially becoming a fire hazard, it also stops rapid and uneven burning!

5. Allow the wax to melt all the way to the glass before blowing out and only burn for a maximum of three hours in order to prevent tunnelling! (Tunnelling is when you notice that the wax closer to the centre of the wick is burning faster than the rest of the wax). 

6. Candle glasses can get hot so try not to touch or move your burning candle while the wax is still liquified, rather let it cool down and re-harden. We don’t want you to get burned!

7. Discontinue use when there’s ¼” of wax left. Burning your candle all the way down can cause it to become way too hot and could potentially cause the glass to shatter!

By adopting these tips, not only will it reduce the risk of your candles becoming a fire hazard, but you’ll notice them start to produce a better burn and last longer. Happy burning everyone!


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