The holiday season is quickly approaching, so to avoid last minute panic, we put together some gifting ideas for you!

But first! We just launched our holiday candle so let us introduce you to the amazing artist who helped us design the packaging (and that super cool animation at the top)!

Julia Mercanti is an OCAD graduate turned freelance artist based out of Toronto. Her main mediums are painting, illustration, and animation. We love her bright use of colour and cheeky art style. You can check out her website here and follow her on Instagram here!


Now for the gift guide :)

Holiday Candle

We just launched our new limited edition holiday candle, and we couldn’t be more excited! 

Scented with notes of clementine, clove, and rose, and packed in a carton complete with a DJing racoon, this candle will bring a smile to your face and coziness to your space :)

Oh, and the best part? 10% of proceeds will be donated to support Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto. 

This candle will bring warmth & joy, and is perfect for virtually anyone on your list! 

Shop it for $40 here.

Perfume Oil

Since scent is so personal, perfume makes the perfect gift. We’ve got four for you to choose through - here’s a brief rundown:

  • ZIMA smells like bergamot & black tea. Anyone who loves earl grey tea will love this one.

  • ERDE combines amber & vetiver, and is perfect for anyone who likes subtle woods with with a hint of spice.

  • JURA is a citrus lover’s dream. It combines orange & sandalwood

  • JARO smells like a budding orange grove - floral and fruity.    

Our perfume oils combine fine fragrances with aromatic essential oils and moisturizing coconut oil. 

Shop perfume oils for $55 here

ERDE Candle

Our best selling candle! A scent that combines Amber & Vetiver and is perfect to warm up any space as the weather gets cooler.

Cedarwood adds a subtle freshness that is guaranteed to bring joy to whoever the receiver. 

Like the rest of our products, ERDE is made with non-toxic ingredients & organic coconut and soy wax blend, and produces a clean, steady burn for 50 hours!

Shop ERDE for $39 here.

Sample Set

Since scents can be so personal, we know there can be some indecisiveness when it comes to choosing the perfect one. But don’t let that scare you away from giving it this holiday season!

If there are a few scents that catch your eye that you think the person you’re shopping for will love, that’s no problem! Try our sample set, where you can choose 4 candles and 2 perfume oils. 

Customize your sample set for $22 here.

LOHN Giftcard

Still unsure? We have you covered. A giftcard is a great option - it lets whoever you’re shopping for choose their own gift! A win-win for everyone involved.

Load one with a value between $25-$200 here

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