LOHN X Nicole Pidherny

Scent is so important in every aspect of our lives. This is something we have in common with the founder of our most recent collaboration, Nicole Pidherny. Nicole is such an inspiring entrepreneur. She's also a master hair stylist and the founder of Pomme Salon based in Kelowna, BC and PommeShell, a line of hair and beauty tools. Together, we created the Pomme diffuser just in time for Mother’s Day. Let’s walk you through what you need to know about Nicole and our collab.

If you’ve never used a reed diffuser before, the process is simple. Simply open the bottle, stand the reeds in the liquid, and place wherever your heart desires. The diffuser we created with Nicole is perfect for the springtime. We absolutely love this scent and we know you will too! Here are the notes:

Top - Reviving grapefruit & refreshing green leaves
Middle - Rich jasmine & sweet mandarin
Base - Deep musk, warm woods, and golden amber

Here's the link where you can get one of your own!

Nicole is definitely one to watch. As the go-to hair stylist for Jillian Harris, she’s built an amazing community on the West Coast and across the country through establishing herself as a resource for all things hair and beauty. We did a mini Q&A with her to learn more about her entrepreneurial journey - here’s what we learned:

What inspired you to open POMME?
I always wanted to own my own business and I realized early on that hair was my calling. In addition to the creative aspect, I learned how to run a successful business. I got inspired to create a culture around the stylists and the brand. We are amazing at doing hair, but it’s much more than that. I really wanted clients to feel connected to the Pomme experience and we get to do that in so many ways - whether it’s in-person in the salons or virtually on social media with my hair tutorials or having people use our line of PommeShell hair tools, we get to reach many great women across Canada. 

What is the most rewarding thing about what you do?
I love seeing my amazingly talented team of stylists succeeding. When they achieve their goals or create their ideal work/life balance - seeing them thrive makes me happy. It’s my favourite thing in the world.

What does a typical "day-off" look like to you?

I don’t have a ton of days off because I’m growing my e-commerce business - a positive thing that came out of the pandemic. It takes a lot of time, but it also excites me. When I do take parts of my day off from working, I love going to Central Kitchen & Bar. It’s my favourite go-to spot in Kelowna. If it’s a Sunday, I will go to the beach for sure. And I get off social media! Digital breaks are necessary since I’m usually so connected.

Self care is so important right now. What is your favourite way to practice it?

Three very important things for me are getting a good sleep, working out and connecting with friends and family. I wake up super early, by 5:00 am I’m already into my high intensity cardio workout - putting on my favourite soundtrack, disconnecting and sweating is SO good for my mental health. It’s my biggest form of self-care. I also love hosting my inner circle at my house, one of my favourite things to do! It’s been a bit of a challenge not being able to see the close friends and family who live farther away, but we make a point to FaceTime each other and connect that way.

Lastly, what are some words of wisdom that you can share with those reading this?
Stay in your own lane.

I probably say it 50 times a week.I think it’s so important to keep your blinders on, don’t compare yourself to others, focus on your own goals and do what you need to do to get there. Just stay in your own lane and see what happens.

You can find Nicole and follow her on her entrepreneurial journey at @nicolepommehair and @pomme_salon

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