LOHN Perfume Oils X Beauty Revolver

With the addition of Jal and Vara to our perfume oil family, we collaborated with the oh-so talented Khera of Beauty Revolver for a very exciting project: makeup looks inspired by each of the perfume scents! Before we reveal the photo series, here's what you need to know about Khera:

  1. Tell us about Beauty Revolver and how you got started.

As a kid, I loved magazines; I would use my babysitting money to buy magazines like Seventeen, Teen Vogue, ESSENCE, Allure, and ELLE Canada. I would look at the fashion and beauty spreads, completely in awe of the creativity and vision behind them. As a teen, I had severe acne –– I still have mild acne today –– and I would look to the magazines for beauty and skincare advice. At the time, there wasn’t much representation for Black women and girls, since much of the advice was geared towards lighter skin tones. I would use the money I earned to buy the makeup recommended in these publications, searching for products that would work for my skin tone and my acne.

My mom recognized my passion and suggested I become a makeup artist. At 17, I didn’t know what I wanted to do career wise anyway, so I took her advice. After working as an artist for a few years, I realized that I wanted to work in media and beauty, and I eventually went to university to earn my Communications and Media Studies degree. I created Beauty Revolver to demonstrate what I believe is my purpose: sharing information –– through makeup and digital media –– about beauty and what it means to different people. To sum things up, I do a few things because I have a few strengths, but it all revolves around beauty, and that’s how Beauty Revolver was born.

  1. What is your biggest source of inspiration?

I’m most inspired by the creativity of everyday people and my childhood dreams. I love the ingenuity and creativity that people have, especially if they are working with limited resources. Sometimes, you’re at your most creative when you have little to work with; that was me for many years as a teen and university student, not having the money or connections to do certain things, but I got creative and relied on my resourcefulness. I’m inspired by other people who do the same.

I tap into my childhood dreams to find inspiration as well, because much of what I wanted to do as a child I still want to do today: writing, makeup, creating visuals, working with audio and video, etc. When I was younger, I was often encouraged by family to work in the corporate world or follow in my dad’s footsteps and become a professor. I listened for a while, but wasn’t very happy. Now, I let my childhood dreams guide me, and I’m much happier because it’s authentic to and aligned with who I have always been.

  1. Your favourite LOHN scent.

I don’t just have one favourite LOHN scent, I have two! LOHN is a distinctly unique brand because Kat and Vic’s expertise and experience with fragrance is honestly unlike anything I’ve seen or smelled; the way they pair scents together is incredible.

For candles, my go-to scent is ERDE: it’s a beautiful, earthy, fresh scent that also has a touch of sweetness to it. Amber and vetiver are the base notes of the scent, with cedarwood and fig in the middle, topped off with nutmeg and bergamot. It totally transforms the smell of a room when I light it, giving the room a cozy, warm feeling.

For LOHN’s perfume oils, JAL is my scent hands-down; it reminds me of the way my mom used to smell when she’d hug me as a child. JAL is packed with all-star scents: it has amber and vanilla as the base notes, clove and jasmine fitting perfectly as the middle notes, and elemi and saffron finishing the oil as top notes. Amber, vanilla, clove, and jasmine are some of my all-time favourite smells –– this perfume oil couldn’t be any more perfect for me. I love earthy, warm, smells paired with rich, warm, subtly sweet smells that have a touch of spice to it; JAL is that type of fragrance.

  1. How can people find you and support your entrepreneurial journey?

People can find me at @beautyrevolver on Instagram for makeup tips, tricks, and beauty information, and they can also head to my website, www.beautyrevolver.ca to take a look at my beauty portfolio and read any of my published articles. Don’t be afraid to say hi either! I always enjoy connecting with others.

Now for the makeup looks. Khera is so talented and we're so excited to be sharing them with you!

JAL - Saffron & Vanilla // Reminiscent of warm golden sands.

VARA - Geranium & Tobacco // Like taking a walk through a bustling flower bazaar.


ERDE - Amber & Vetiver //  Be transported to a lush forest at dusk.

JARO - Mandarin & Petitgrain // Picture a budding orange grove.

JURA - Orange & Sandalwood // Surround yourself in the freshness of the seaside.

ZIMA - Bergamot & Black Tea // Brings to mind the first snowfall in the mountains.

A big thank you again to Khera for creating such beautiful looks! Her talent is unreal and we can't wait to see what's next on her journey!

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