Founder Feature: Nohémie Mawaka

Recently we had the pleasure of speaking to Nohémie Mawaka, a local Toronto based female entrepreneur. 

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We asked her some questions about her journey as an entrepreneur and her day-to-day life right now.

Tell us about your multiple ventures and how you got started!

Micro financing women in the DR Congo

I immigrated to Montreal at 8, and at home we only spoke French. When I was 15 I lived in Hamilton and I would offer French (my native tongue) conversional services to adults who needed bilingual skills to get a job. I would also host regular garage sales and send that money to 5 women in Congo who were widows and living with HIV/AIDS. I’d give them $100 each to start their agriculture business in exchange of 10% quarterly returns.

Stats Congo

I won a $100K seed to implement electronic health records in maternal health hospitals east of DR Congo (which is a war zone), to utilize data from digitized health records to advocate for vulnerable women to access health care. I was a #Forbes30Under30 Honouree! 


This is for immigrants to pay healthcare providers directly for their loved ones healthcare expenses abroad (in their home country), starting with DR Congo. The app is in development, launching first quarter of 2021!

Lubembo Honey (Coming very soon!)

Congolese premium honey made by female farmers in Kiwit (south west of DR Congo) which will be sold in the Canadian + American market.

Business Coaching (online courses coming soon!)

I consult early founding entrepreneurs on their business strategy, marketing plan, and operational structure. I’m working on an online (business) course marketplace hoping to launch early 2021.

What is your most treasured time of day or daily ritual?

Waking up bright and early (usually 6:30AM) to read a book (usually self help or business), journal to God, drink hot water and lemon, and take a probiotic.

Your go-to quarantine recipe:

Salmon honey glaze with sautéed asparagus, green beans, and brussels sprouts (cooked using coconut oil).

A book or quote that has made an impact on you:

“I’m convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance” ~ Steve Jobs

What’s your favourite LOHN scent?

Jaro, hands down.

How can people find you and support your entrepreneurial journey?

That’s so kind: subscribe to my newsletter on my website: follow me on IG ( for business coaching + follow me on LinkedIn to follow my tech startup (name: Nohémie Mawaka). 

We’d like to thank Nohémie again for interviewing us on her podcast :) She’s such an inspiration!

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