How To Find The Perfect Scent For You

Scent is so personal, and it plays such an important role in our lives. That being said, we understand that sometimes it's hard to find the perfect one for your space. And trust us, nose blindness is a thing - so rather than going around sniffing every candle until you find one that you like, let us help you find your new signature scent to fill your space.

For a simple fix, take our scent quiz. This will recommend a few of our candle scents based on your answers to the questions. Take it here.

When finding a scent that you really connect with, it's important to identify what fragrance categories you typically lean towards. These are the most predominant ones:

~ Floral: Predominantly composed of flower fragrances; light and fresh. Does this call your name? Try Jaro (perfume oil here), Oro, or Este

~ Spicy: Stimulates the senses of smell and taste; actual spices as well as florals that have sharp, spicy notes. If this is something that resonates with you, try Illa, Zima (perfume oil here), or Vara.

~ Citrus: Tart, light, and fresh. Like biting into a ripe fruit. Give Jura (perfume oil here) or Lato a shot if this sounds like something for you.

~ Resinous: Derived from liquids secreted from certain trees. Try Nord if this sounds like something you’d gravitate towards.

~ Earthy: Musty, the stale smell of freshly turned soil. Try Erde (perfume oil here) or Oest if this is your type.

~ Herbal: Refers to the green, dry aroma of herbs. If you’re drawn to these scents, try Esen.

~ Gourmand: Associated with food, like vanilla, coffee, and cocoa. Feu and Jal are a vanilla-lover’s dream.

Now that we’ve given you a run-down of the different scent families and our candles that fall into each category, there are a couple paths that you can take.

1. The first would be our discovery set. Perfect if you're new to our products or are still unsure of what type of scents you like! Choose 4 candles and 2 perfume oils - the perfect tool for customization. Discover your new favourite scent for $22 here.

2. If you are already familiar with what you like, try our mini candle trio! Choose three 3oz candles that are calling your name before you commit to the full size! Shop it here.

We’re so excited to be included on your journey to find your new signature scent - whether it be a perfume oil for yourself or a candle for your space. We hope this provides some clarity on this vast topic of scent!

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