From the Studio: Ep. 1

From the Studio: Ep. 1

Hey Lohn-ers!

Is it ok if I call you that? I consider myself join the club :)

Some of you may be wondering why it’s taking so gosh darn long to get your candle orders in the refreshed packaging.

Guess who the culprit is?

Mr. Supply Chain.

Our cartons have been waiting for customs clearance in British Columbia for two months now. We hope they are making friends in the customs line up (how we all do when we travel), but we’re ready for them to arrive now! We’ve been checking in on them every day and are very hopeful that they will arrive in the next two weeks, at which time you will receive a shipping notification.

Meanwhile, we are not sitting around the warehouse shedding tears for our missing cartons --- we are hard at work prepping, pouring, and packaging our Holiday Collection. You may be wondering, how many ladies does it take to prep an entire holiday line for an international candle company? The answer is six. There are six of us here, hand-making your candles and filling them with soy and coconut wax, and love.

We cannot wait for you to start receiving them and scenting your homes for the upcoming holiday season.
Our warehouse has been smelling like the holidays for some time now, and let me tell you it is glorious :)  🌲 🌰 🍊

What’s on our radar at the moment?

As you may know, our entire operation is run out of a warehouse in Mississauga, which is in the Greater Toronto Area. We appeal to you now not as chandlers (candle makers!) but as ‘Torontonians’ -- and these are a few Toronto things we are excited about right now. 


BREAD. We love bread. For this month, I’d like us to all focus on bread and it’s power to make us feel cozy, warm and nourished. There are too many bread spots (bakeries?) in the city to name, but I’ll start with a few of my favourite local haunts - and hopefully you can take a nice fall stroll or drive or bike or TTC and go get some bread! (pun intended)

Ba Noi, 806 Bloor St W
Brodflour, 8 Pardee Ave
* Emmer, 161 Harbord St
* Mattachioni, 1617 Dupont St
* Blackbird, 172 Baldwin St
* Prairie Boy, 970 College St
* Robinson Bread, 6 Brock Ave


The leaves are changing colours! And soon...they will fall. (They’ve actually already started falling but let’s pretend it’s not true). I think that on our way to get some bread, we should all take an extra few minutes to observe the nature within the city change around us. I just googled why leaves fall in fall. Here’s the long and short of it: green leaves are alive and feed the trees (ft photosynthesis)! They change colors and are dropped from the trees when they have done A GREAT JOB and now it’s time for the trees to rest (winter). If you have any issues with this summary, just remember that I’m a Chandler, not a Scientist :)

For me, autumn is a reminder of beauty and it’s ephemerality. I suppose each season is a reminder of that, but the soul-satisfying beauty of fall leaves, followed by their quick descent and then retreat to lawn bags and gutters and the windshield wipers of our cars.

Let’s enjoy these leaves and thank them, and bid them adieu like all beautiful things.


We are very into these artists right now and recommend you give them a listen, perhaps on your autumn bread walk?

* James Blake (start with ‘Coming Back’ ft. SZA)
* Arlo Parks (start with ‘Eugene’)
* Alina Baraz (start with ‘Make You Feel’)
* MorMor (start with Whatever Comes to Mind’)
* Perfume Genius (start with ‘Jason’)
* Empire of the Sun (‘Walking on a Dream’)

Listen to our Fall playlist on Spotify here.


Jules is an amazing Toronto artist who we’ve collaborated with a few times over the years, but who most recently hand-painted all of the designs on our new Holiday Collection cartons! Take a look at the iconic details on our cartons here (hyperlink). She is constantly creating, self-taught in animating, all around amazing and... available for commissions! Check out her instagram @julesmercanti for some cute lols, inspiring art and a guaranteed friend crush :)


Until next time!


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