Reusing your LOHN vessels

Reusing your LOHN vessels

This Earth Month, we have partnered with a variety of local founders, creatives and brands who have shown us different ways to repurpose our candle vessels.

ICYDK, each and every LOHN glass vessel is food-grade and easily reusable (once you’ve finished using your candle, of course)! We encourage you to reuse your vessel, and are here to show you how to do so  in a variety of ways :)

How do you clean out the leftover wax, you may ask?

We know TikTok has likely shown you some hacks already, but we like to keep it simple. It’s really easy to reuse your candle glass. Wipe out the wax with a paper towel, use a spoon to pry out the wick base and then wash it out with soap and warm water. Ta da! 

So… how can you reuse your vessel?

  • Display your seasonal floral arrangement. 

  • Laurie at Wild North Flowers has created a beautiful spring arrangement using our ZEST candle glass and seasonal flowers including carnations, roses, fritallaria and kangaroo paw. Laurie is obviously a pro, but don’t let her talent discourage you from trying this at home! All you need is an empty LOHN vessel, a pin frog or floral tape and a handful of stems that you can pick up at your local flower shop. She used carnations as a base for support and voila, add the other flowers until you’ve created your masterpiece!  then added the other flowers.

  • Store your paint brushes.

  • The very talented Jules Mercanti, aka our whimsical holiday candle illustrator for the last two years, is known for her cheeky and colourful style.  We absolutely adore her and we were so excited to see how she uses our candle vessel to store her brushes and fill it with water to wash them between colours.

    Looking for a fun activity? Clean out your finished LOHN candle and then head to your local art shop to pick up some paper, paints and brushes. Need inspiration? Head over to Jules’ page, and you’ll be sure to find it. Need confidence? Life is art, art is life - you’re an artist – go with your gut ;)

  • Use it as an accessory holder.

  • Our co-founder, Victoria shows us how she reuses her empty candle glasses. From The Completist pens, to RMS Beauty Brushes, to Valet Studio hair clips, and her newest earrings from Warren Steven Scott, the types of items she stores in her empty candle vessels are endless. How chic! How fun! How sustainable!

  • Repurpose it as a drink glass. 

  • Fun fact: our vessel manufacturer is actually a glassware manufacturer for the restaurant and food industry. Naturally, our entire team has a full set of LOHN glasses in our cupboards! 

    You can use the 7.5oz glasses as water or cocktail glasses, and the 3oz as a generous shot glass, or for a late evening digestif. Stay tuned for another collaboration with a local cafe to show you how to… guessed it…make your favourite morning drink! 

    Comment below with any questions you may have, and let us know how you reuse your LOHN candle vessels! Happy Upcycling! 

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