Our Giving Guide

Our Giving Guide

It's Giving Tuesday and we're bringing you 7 days of #LohnCares, our mutual aid initiative, with our Giving Guide. Many thanks to the talented illustrator LeeAndra Cianci for our #LohnCares illos.

Our mission with #LohnCares is to find creative ways to support our community with our actions, and in doing so, hopefully spread the inspiration we've been feeling to our community of candle-loving folks.

This December we'll be taking you through some of the ways we can all contribute to our communities.

We'd love you to follow along and participate in this initiative with us.

Our Giving Guide

1. Giving Tuesday

This Giving Tuesday, we're donating 25% of today's online sales to Distress Centres of Greater Toronto.

Distress Centres of Greater Toronto provides 24-hour support, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to individuals in our community at risk and their most vulnerable. 

The funds raised today will be donated to support mental health for marginalized communities.

Shop to support here.


2. Support a community fridge or food bank.

Community Fridges Toronto supports community fridges around the GTA. These fridges operate on a 'take what you need, and leave what you can' model, providing access to free and fresh foods for anyone who needs it. 

Take a look at the fridge map, and the next time you're out and about, see if you can grab some groceries (here's a list of what you can get) and stop by a fridge. We'll be doing the same!

Don't live near a community fridge? Find a food bank nearby and contact them to find out what donations they are looking for. Here is the link to Food Banks in Canada and Food Banks in the USA.

For some of us, the holiday season is a time of feasting, coming together over shared meals, and special treats. Though food insecurity is a much bigger issue than can be solved through dropping groceries at community fridges or donating to food banks, these are a great jumping off point!

3. Make a care package for delivery folks .

As you can imagine, delivery folks are some of the most essential people in getting our holiday goodies to our doorstep. Here at LOHN we are shipping out many more packages than normal and have Canada Post/DHL/Dicom/FedEx/Purolator/UPS pickups daily. Not to mention, it is getting COLD and SNOWY!

We’ll be putting together care packages for our delivery folks, and are thinking of what the best items are for a Canadian winter care package. We’re going to include hand warmers, snacks, and thank you cards :)

This December, you can put together a care package for your delivery folks, write thank you notes, or just start by introducing yourself!

 4. Write a letter to long-term care and retirement home residents.

Throughout the month of December, we will be sending a batch of letters to Canadian long-term care and retirement homes through Letters Against Isolation...and we need your help!

We would absolutely love you to join the Letters Against Isolation volunteer team :) You will have the opportunity to scribe hand-decorated letters to spread community, love and warmth through a season that can be quite lonely for some. If you feel like sending one, maybe one a week, or even more, please do! Check out Letters Against Isolation for more information and inspiration here.

5. Clean up your neighbourhood.

The first melts of Spring uncover massive amounts of garbage that have accumulated over the Fall and Winter. Let’s be proactive! We’ve already had our first snow, but when it begins to melt - let’s all take a walk around our neighborhood and collect any garbage or litter we find :)

Cheers to a better spring!

6. Shop local.

Your neighborhood small-business owners need you! This year has been rife with lockdowns, supply chain issues, and many other hardships. We urge you to get to know your local shops and restaurants, and stop by them if you’re looking to do any holiday shopping! We know a lot of us are doing our holiday shopping online this year - but guess what? Most local businesses have websites and offer shipping/delivery services!

7. Donate warm clothes

GLOW (Gently Loved Outfits to Wear) at New Circles is a Toronto community organization that collects new and gently used winter clothing. You can donate individually or set up a clothing drive and get your friends and family to take part too! Check out more info here.

GLOW receives donations from thousands of individuals, groups, retailers and corporations across Toronto, who want to promote health, self esteem, social inclusion, and employability for those in need. Their donors help them divert clothing from landfills, reducing waste and improving the environment.

Share your Mutual Aid

If you're able to do any of the activities in our Giving Guide, tag us @lohnofficial and use the hastag #LohnCares and we'll share the inspo.

Remember, mutual aid isn't charity, and supporting your community doesn't have to mean exclusively monetary donations. 

It starts with the understanding that neighbours respect and take care of one another because it's just what good neighbours do. 🤝

Wishing you a safe & happy holiday season.

xx, The LOHN Team

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